Not Your President? He Is Now.

I initially created this blog to solely focus on sports. Sometimes it’s hard for people to sit and listen to my sports ramblings, so I thought this would be a good place to rant. However, I have been compelled to write about politics. But I promise, this is the last political post (at least for a while).

23 long election-cycle days ago, I published my first political blog entitled “The View of a Deplorable Millennial”. In it, I highlighted the reasons why the downfalls of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were eerily similar, and justified my reasoning for backing the Republican nominee. And Tuesday night, we all watched in awe as Mr. Trump pulled off perhaps the greatest upset of all time, and became President-Elect Trump.

Before Tuesday’s festivities began, I typed up a blog entitled “I Wasn’t With Her, But I Have To Be Now”, that I intended to post on Wednesday. I was, like the media, trying to get ahead of the curve by preparing my thoughts on how we could unify under Mrs. Clinton, even though she wasn’t my choice. I really thought she would win.

I also checked my Facebook page to see how many “friends” I had, as an experiment. I wanted to see how many people would remove me from their page after the election, just in case – by some chance – Trump won. Today, I have seven fewer Facebook friends than I did yesterday.

Here’s the problem I have with that. I’m not upset because I lost seven “friends” on Facebook. The truth of the matter is, I probably didn’t speak to them much anyway. I’m upset because refusing to expose yourself to the beliefs and values of the opposite side of the aisle are what causes us to be such a divided nation. It’s what causes gridlock in Washington. It’s what stalls progress. And, in a way, it’s what caused Donald Trump to win.

In today’s society, people create “safe zones” around themselves, refusing to listen to anyone who doesn’t entirely agree with them. This evolves into having uninformed, devalued, “politically correct” opinions. Professors on university campuses are cancelling class to help students “cope with the tragedy”. Hiding from the issues won’t make them go away.

And the Clinton supporters had been hiding from reality all along. People didn’t want to hear any more about Hillary’s e-mail scandal. Her followers ignored them, wrote them off as “not a big deal”, assumed that since she was cleared of criminal wrongdoing that the e-mails weren’t real.

They were very, very real.

They exposed her for being careless with the most classified information America possesses. They exposed her for being corrupt. They exposed her for being two-faced. They exposed her for cheating to defeat everyone’s beloved Bernie Sanders.

News flash: Bernie Sanders would have won this election. Probably in a landslide.

But her supporters also suppressed the fact that Donald Trump had riled up the most pissed off, change seeking people in America, who wanted nothing more than to do their part to flip the political landscape upside down. He had worked up the American rural working class, and the people who treat election day as a social gathering or a national holiday. The media gave him no chance. He was never ahead in the polls. No one really thought he’d win. But people came out of the woodwork, often privately, in support of Trump.

Hillary’s campaign lacked enthusiasm.  They didn’t think they needed it. Wrong.

Lets also talk about those third party votes. It’s your vote, and I’ll never ridicule you for making your voice heard. I respect whoever you voted for, so long as you voted. But this election wasn’t a good time for a protest vote. If you were really, truly as terrified of Trump and his agenda as you say now, but you voted for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, you helped Trump win. Look at how close some of those key races were. Michigan. North Carolina. Florida. Pennsylvania. I mean, people were writing in votes for a dead gorilla. Think Hillary could’ve used those votes? Absolutely. Even if you were voting to get Johnson to the 5% threshold, he ended up coming in at 3.2%. We’re still stuck with a two party system whether you like it or not.

So now we have President-Elect Trump, and some Clinton supporters are literally rioting. BURNING THE FLAG. Saying really hateful things to people who support Trump, and already searching for ways to impeach him. “When they go low, we go high”, the DNC mantra built up by Michelle Obama, doesn’t seem to apply now that the election was lost. And President Obama has yet to condemn these riots. This is why people voted for Donald Trump. They are tired of this kind of behavior.

I understand why some people are scared and upset. Trump is a wild-card, unexperienced, an outsider. He said some things that made people feel uncomfortable. But people are making him sound far more extreme in his policy than he is. Most forget, for a majority of his life he was a registered Democrat. Even once he made the jump to the Republican side, he has been widely regarded as moderate. But another thing people need to remember is, no President comes into office with well rounded expertise in all areas. They have to assemble a team of people to help them with their weaknesses. Trump should be able to assemble a very good team, which will likely include President Obama in some capacity.

I understand what Mr. Trump has said. But he’s not as insane as people (and the media) paint him to be. If he was, he wouldn’t have won the election. Remember, while you may think he’s a maniac and every “-ist” in the book, there are over 50 million people who voted for him. Contrary to common belief, he’s not going to deport all illegal immigrants. He’s going to deport criminal illegal immigrants. It would be impossible to round up all civilian illegal immigrants, and also very expensive. He also isn’t going to deport or ban all Muslims. Instead, he wants to make sure they have no ties to radical Islamic terrorism before letting them in. That’s in the best interest of national security, and does not make him an Islamophobe. With terrorism as prevalent as it is, is national security something we should be complaining about?

He has a history of positive race relations. He told Caitlyn Jenner she could use “whatever bathroom [she] feels comfortable in” while staying in his hotel. He promised to protect LGBTQ communities after the attack in Orlando. He even proudly hoisted a “LGBTQ For Trump” rainbow pride flag at a rally in Colorado.

His healthcare plan has been endorsed by many different people in Washington, and, if you read it, it sounds pretty good, especially when you consider the Affordable Care Act price increase proposed by Mrs. Clinton. He also wants to lower taxes, simplify the tax code, and abolish the IRS. He’s going to take care of the American homeless population, our veterans, and the working population. He has laid out his 100 day plan that sounds like a heck of a start. And most importantly, he’s going to have an all-star team of advisors and cabinet members to help him accomplish all of this, including my man Ben Carson.

This country has become increasingly divided during Obama’s tenure, and the people finally decided they needed change. Why is that a bad thing? Change was the calling card for Obama’s campaign in 2008. If you had eight years in office and the gold star on your fridge is the failed Obamacare plan, isn’t it time for a change? If the parties were flipped, wouldn’t Democrats be wanting a shot at the White House?

Also, I don’t want to hear you complaining about the Electoral College. It sucks. I disagree with it. It makes no sense to me that the person with the most raw votes can lose. But you and I both know if the Hillary would have won and Trump had more popular votes, it would be fine.

Hillary and her supporters coined the phrase “Love Trumps Hate” for their campaign, but I have heard nothing but hate being spewed. Facebook is a war zone right now. Twitter is even worse. None of it has been directly aimed at me (yet), but I’m sure I will get some upon posting this. If love truly trumps hate, why can’t we band together underneath Mr. Trump, as we would have been expected to do under Mrs. Clinton? Is rioting and burning the American flag an example of love trumping hate? Does love only trump hate when you get your way? Because that’s how it appears, and that isn’t right.

You’re not moving to Canada. America isn’t toast. This election wasn’t fueled by white supremacist, xenophobic, homophobic agendas…believe it or not, just because we voted for Trump doesn’t mean we hate any group of people. We will have a female president someday, and we’ll all probably reflect and be thankful that Hillary wasn’t the one with the distinction of being the first. We will be just fine. We are America. We just need to love each other and everything will be okay.

Now isn’t the time to pout if you lost or gloat if you win. This wasn’t the Super Bowl. This is America. And this is reality for the next four years. Four years from now, I might hate myself for voting the way I did. Or maybe we’ll realize that it wasn’t so bad after all, and that he was a pretty good President. Maybe he’ll win a second term. Maybe he’ll fix the economy. Maybe put America back on top of the world in every aspect.

That is what we should ALL be rooting for. Because hoping he isn’t a good president is like hoping a boat sinks while you’re strapped to it. Now is the time to act upon what you support. Band together. And stop making a fool of yourself (which many supporters on both sides are doing).

At the end of the day, we are all Americans. We are all in this together, and will be as long as we are citizens of this land. So give the guy the benefit of the doubt, have an open mind, and be the change. Quit rioting. Quit pouting. Wipe the tears from your eyes. Because no matter who’s in the Oval Office, the change you want starts with you. 

Not your president, you say? He will be on January 20th.




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